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Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She signed a record deal with the then-independent label Big Machine Records in and, with the exception of several cover performances and two guest features, has subsequently written or co-written every song she has released and has also contributed as a writer to songs released by other artists.

Swift released her eponymous debut album in Beautiful EyesSwift's second EP, was released in and features alternate takes of songs from her debut album, as well as two new tracks; the title track and "I Heart? Seeing as collaborators were not available on the road, Swift self-penned eight of her sophomore album's tracks while the rest were co-written with Rose, Hillary LindseyColbie Caillatand John Rich.

pieces song 2017

Swift wrote every track of her Speak Now album without any co-writers. The album expands on the country pop style of her previous work and touches on themes of love, romance, and heartbreak. Swift's fourth album Red marked a change in her musical style with the experimentation of heartland rockdubstepand dance-pop. Swift released her fifth album in Credited as her "first documented, official pop album", it marks a departure from her previous country albums.

Swift and Martin served as the executive producer. On Swift's seventh studio album Lovershe served as the executive producer and worked with long-time collaborator Antonoff alongside new collaborators Joel LittleLouis BellFrank DukesSounwaveSt.

Vincent and Cautious Clay.

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The album featured Brendon Urie of Panic! The week before her birthday inSwift released a non-album Christmas single titled " Christmas Tree Farm ". In Januaryshe released the politically-themed track " Only the Young " alongside Miss Americanaa Netflix documentary following her life and career over the course of several years.

In FebruarySwift released a live acoustic version of the fourth single, " The Man ", from her seventh studio album. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mendes wrote his own parts and is only credited as a writer and as a vocalist on the remixed version.

The band members, who wrote the original, felt Swift's adjustments to the arrangement and melody of the song were significant enough to warrant a co-writing credit for her version. Retrieved December 25, Taylor Swift.

Ranked: The 50 biggest songs of 2017

Big Machine Records. Retrieved December 31, Inindividual songs often felt like escape hatches from reality. If you felt overwhelmed by the unending digital sprawl of the news cycle, it was possible to remove yourself from the narrative by retreating into the cheery rhythms of a dance-pop hitthe comforting twangs of a country ballad, or defiant stomp of a hip-hop anthem.

Peace could be found by trading the consistent dread of a news ticker -- or a Twitter feed -- for the soothing stream of a digital music platform. Or, at least, that was the hope. As is often the case with pop culture, the anxieties of the moment find ways into the songs that blast from passing car windows, hum from your headphones, and colonize valuable space in your brain.

From established acts like the Arcade Fire and Taylor Swift to newcomers like Cardi B and Lil Uzi Vert, this was a year of big swings, sly reinventions, and sneaky surprises.

These were the 50 songs that we connected with the most. The cathartic release they offer may only be temporary, but you can always put them on repeat. Here is a Spotify playlist of 49 of the 50 songs on this list -- or you can access it by clicking here.

Arcade Fire want you to know they're fun, too. Ever since breaking through with 's Funeral and 's Neon Bibletwo bracing and relatively po-faced indie rock records, the group has expanded its sound to make room for Blondie facsimiles, like " Sprawl II Mountains Beyond Mountains " off the Grammy-winning The Suburbsand disco-speckled dance songs, like the title track of Reflektor.

Sweat-absorbing headbands are recommended but not required. Leslie Feist has made a career out of defying expectations, so it was no surprise when she returned with her first single since 's Metals with a song called "Pleasure" that, on first listen, resists the candy-colored, teenage hopes of her most famous hit.

Instead, it's all hushed vocals, spiky guitars, and elliptical lyrics. Compare this to "Halfway Home," the more outwardly anthemic comeback single from her Canadian collaborators in Broken Social Scene. But, put the title track of her latest record on repeat and you'll find a nerve-y, fractured classic rock jam lurking inside.

The pleasure is all hers. Some of the N. Rihanna's flow is the real selling point here. In a subtle nod to her past, the video for Dej Loaf's new single "No Fear" opens with her lying on her bed and listening to "Try Me," the gleaming, sing-song rap track that served as her mainstream breakthrough. It's a fun touch. It's a winning summer song that's not working too hard for your approval.

Who will be the biggest star to emerge from One Direction? Surprisingly, he's not using those steady hands to build model boats. While the song lacks the art-rock flair of Harry Styles's "Sign of the Times," it makes up for it with steely professionalism. That killer instinct will serve Niall well in the years of boy-band bloodshed ahead. It's difficult to age with grace as a major label hip-hop star: The temptation to chase trends, collaborate with emerging artists, and pepper your lyrics with embarrassing references to what "the kids" are into is strong.

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Luckily, year-old Memphis rapper Yo Gotti is savvy enough to swerve around those potential potholes with ease.If you're not diligent, music can pass you by.

That's true now more than ever. Artists have the tools to create and release new music at any moment with the push of a button.

This means any newcomer—any passionate or lonely kid in a room with a song in his or her head—can have as much power as any established artist with a SoundCloud. In many ways the streaming age has become the great equalizer. Lil Peep, a largely unknown emo rapper, can amass internet fame and help direct the future of a new hybrid genre.

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Yet music this year was defined by outrage, by progress, by passion and escapism. Listen to our Spotify playlist here or at the bottom of the page. It could be the greatest exploration of mortality in hip-hop, a universal song that's breathlessly honest to Lamar's own experience, place in the world, faith, and the fears that come with all of it.

Lorde seems like the only millennial qualified to sing about the modern teenager. Sure, her formative years were hardly normal, but she seems to have a removed objectivity about her peers that makes her an authority. Instead she exists in a fascinating middle ground. This song is 15 minutes long and, honestly, I could take 15 minutes more.

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There's something transcendent about the movements, which grow from a feel-good motif to a spiritual chorus of voices. There's a true zest for life, like this is what happiness should feel like. It's possible to get so lost in the song's many wordless emotions that you can miss the drums, which almost ceaselessly shred for the entire quarter of an hour. It's called "Truth," a title that gives all the information you need. Truth is life, it's growth, it's beauty, it's everything we take for granted while bombarded with television news, with the politics of hatred and conflict.

This is a reminder that there's something greater out there. His whispering soprano is as delicate as a sob and as intimate and familiar as your own bedroom.

His music is something to carry with you to augment your own experiences, which in the context of a movie provides the perfect emotional companion. Is it a person, is it a biblical allusion, or neither—just an expression of a feeling? It takes a powerful debut song to knock the Queen of Pop, Taylor Swift, off the top of the pop charts. And that's what Cardi B did with the historically successful "Bodak Yellow.

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It makes total sense, too, as the song takes Cardi B's no-fucks-given approach to life that made her an Instagram and reality star. If that's not the perfect encapsulation of popular culture inthen I don't know what is. Nicole Miglis's vocal performance on "Blanket Me" is among the finest—if not the finest—of the year. Midway through the track, she enters a cyclical chant of the words "blanket me" that last for nearly two minutes. It's a fascinating section of the song, and it's almost impossible to tell if her vocals are looped or if each utterance of the phrase is live.

It's a chant that draws the listener into a trance, and even if her vocals are looped, each one sounds powerful—unique as if it's the first time she's ever sung the phrase.

It's a performance that's never eclipsed by the pristine sound production on the rest of the band. Much has been written about Tyler, the Creator's intentions—good or bad. Writers, critics, and fans have tried endlessly to explain him, to make sense of the often crazy and sometimes brilliant shit he does in his music, his lyrics, and his performances. On his latest album, he again surprises every listener by making something that seems truly sincere.

Lonely" is a fascinating and seemingly honest exploration of solitude.The pop music critics of The New York Times share their picks for the best songs of the year. With concern and righteousness in her husky voice, over wiry blues guitar lines, Mavis Staples confronts gun violence and police shootings, staying hard-nosed and stalwart. U2 ponders the situation with buzzing, wailing guitars and a dance-floor thump.

Hovering slow-motion anticipation alternates with ecstatic rushes as Kelela offers a late-night tryst. The sheer joy of a well-made pop single overwhelms cynicism about formulas, formats and marketing, as synthesizers bubble and tingle through a track that clocks in at a formula-perfect Skeletal but frantic percussion and bass drive this panicky admission of fear of commitment. Reaffirming and warping her Nigerian heritage with African-tinged electronic funk, Eno Williams sings in Ibibio and English about drawing strength from a remembered traditional chant.

Dua Lipa sings brash, big-voiced pop with self-empowerment in mind. Twangy guitar and haunted-house electronics carry a song about Bible Belt hypocrisy. Intertwined acoustic and electric guitars, harking back to Pentangle, carry a serene modal melody and thoughts about how disruption is essential. How much of everyday life is a defensive facade? The idiom is cabaret piano ballad with electronic reinforcement. Best Latin pop, best Latin trap, best post-reggaeton, best posse cut, best heartbreak anthem, etc.

Depending on the company, A Boogie can be brawny, cheeky, blustery, whatever he wants. The melodies are intoxicating on this sweet hymnal about casual violence. A hearty, expertly written country song about hope after hopelessness. A song so much like sunshine that it essentially disappeared at the first gust of fall wind. Kids these days already know: technology is here to keep us further apart, not unite us.

Seems silly to keep griping about New York rap when this is hereno? The ecstasy of the peak boy-band era is due for a comeback — this has that, and also harmonies, and a sense of history. An argument for every precocious preteen to be armed with a professional video crew, a SoundCloud account and a fidget spinner.

Music 54 of the Best Songs of Jon Pareles. Jon Caramanica. Home Page World U.The Billboard Hot is a chart that ranks the best-performing songs in the United States. Its data, published by Billboard magazine and compiled by Nielsen SoundScanis based collectively on each song's weekly physical and digital salesas well as the amount of airplay received on American radio stations and streaming on online digital music outlets.

Duringeleven singles reached number one on the Hot ; a twelfth single, " Black Beatles " by Rae Sremmurd featuring Gucci Manebegan its run at number one in November Of those eleven number-one singles, six were collaborations.

Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber were the only acts to have multiple number ones, with both gaining two. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved January 3, Retrieved December 27, Retrieved January 4, Retrieved January 10, Retrieved January 18, Retrieved January 23, Retrieved January 31, Retrieved February 7, Retrieved February 14, Retrieved February 22, Retrieved February 28, Retrieved March 7, Retrieved March 14, Retrieved March 21, Retrieved March 28, Retrieved April 4, Retrieved April 11, Retrieved April 18, Retrieved April 25, Retrieved May 2, Retrieved May 9, Retrieved May 16, Retrieved May 23, Retrieved May 30, Retrieved June 6, Retrieved June 13, Retrieved June 19, I'm in Pieces.

Piece By Piece. Piece by Piece. The World That She Sees. Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Billboard's 50 Best Dance/Electronic Songs of 2017: Critics' Picks

What The Hell Happened to Me? Absolute Winter Hits Teenage Wildlife. The Collection [EMI]. Pick Up the Pieces Outro. Everybody Looking [Bonus Track]. Bits and Pieces. Live: The Femme Fatale Tour.

54 of the Best Songs of 2017

Piece of the Pie. The Power and the Glory. Piece By Piece [ Idol Version ]. The Dave Clark Five.

Kelly Clarkson - Piece by Piece (Official Music Video)

All the Broken Pieces. She Wolf Falling to Pieces. Get promoted. In Lyrics. By Artist.Between the start of and its close, the K-pop world has notably fluctuated: prominent acts have disbanded or lost members, BTS has made history multiple times on Billboard charts and in the American music market, new sonic trends have risen to prominence and new artists found their place in the spotlight while others have faded away. Reflecting both personal tastes and chart achievements, this is our take on the best Korean music of the year -- featuring tunes from some of the most popular acts, like Wanna OneIU and BTS, as well as some surprises from less-established artists.

This electro-reggae track was the perfect blend of propulsive and breezy sound when it came out in July. Horror thrives on distorting the things that are supposed to feel safe -- evil is that much more chilling when it takes the form of dolls, children and music boxes. K-pop has never before seen an act commit so fully to a spooky concept.

Rapidly thumping kick drums rev this banger into gear with the help of some six-string shredding. Singing about childhood fears and growing up to roar back at the titular nightmare, the brother-sister duo builds the song from gentle acoustic strings into a soaring track littered with twinkling electronica blips as they let loose with their vocal performance.

The artful cacophony of sounds is positioned slightly off-center to give the song an eerie vibe. The Doppler effect whooshes back and forth in the background while pitched up and warped synths swirl in the distance.

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Suran feat. If you add Suran and Dean together, you get the opposite of zero. From the moment its irresistible disco-guitar lick opened the track, one of 's most impressive rookie acts were confirmed onto the K-pop scene. The ladies of Pristin sang, rapped and bu bu-ed their way to craft one of the year's most effortlessly satisfying songs, only enhanced by the fact the group had a major hand in writing their debut single -- a notable rarity in the industry.

The women bring the glossy pop they've long been famous for, before the track pulls a on the chorus with a house-inspired beat, making "All Night" as appropriate for a vogue-off as it is for a K-pop concert.

A decade on the scene and Girls' Generation is proving to still have a few new sonic tricks up their sleeves. Loco feat.

pieces song 2017

The track, produced by Gray, is the brainchild of artists who specialize in smoothness. Orchestral meets electronic on a propulsive beat set to galloping percussion. Soon enough, this mysterious girl group will be making Loonatics of us all. With layered vocals, powerful raps, and propulsive drops flowing into a blend of subtle, melodious instrumental elements and frenzied synths, the deep house track proved to be one of the best sonic moments of K-pop in Sons of People may not have lasted longer than an episode or two -- though all but one member made it into the show's final lineup to go on and become Wanna One -- but they'll certainly live on with this hit.

K-pop's Cinderella story truly had its happy ending when the boys of NU'EST unleashed one of the best tracks of the year The sleekly layered production has Subin of Dal Shabet being her own back up vocalist as she croons about being a person who is soft and circular rather than sharp and edgy.

pieces song 2017

A brass section accents the backdrop of breezy synths.