Hiace regius specs

The Toyota HiAce is well known for having a tough, durable engine. The Toyota HiAce is versatile; it can be used as a family vehicle as well as for commercial business.

The passenger seats can be folded away to provide a large amount of luggage space. It is used all over the world, so spare parts are easily found. With such high acclaim across its lifespan, which version of the Toyota HiAce is right for you?

The version of the Toyota HiAce comes in either a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission, and is offered in diesel or unleaded regular petrol engine configurations, all of which allow you to choose the right trim for your specific application. Interior features include radio with dual-speaker sound system, powered windows for easy adjustment, as well as air conditioning. With the ability to seat up to 8 passengers, the HiAce features plenty more on the inside to satisfy all riders.

Interior features include a climate control system, manual seat adjustment, central locks, as well as power steering. Looking to move people or equipment? The HiAce can do it all. In terms of features, the Toyota HiAce provides basic offerings that include central locking for faster securing of your vehicle, as well as power steering for better control. Other features include an entertainment system equipped with 2 speakers, and a radio with cassette player.

The Toyota HiAce enters the new millennium with some very welcome upgrades, while remaining true to its heritage of providing a solid work or transport vehicle for a plethora of applications.

Like its predecessors, the Toyota HiAce is available in 2. Automatic and manual transmission options are also available. As with prior model years, the HiAce offers basics such as central locking and power steering.

hiace regius specs

Interior features include cloth trim for a comfortable ride. Newer standard features that can be found in the HiAce may include power windows. This is a welcome upgrade for those who would prefer to adjust their windows without being too distracted with a crank handle. Available in 2. The version of the HiAce comes with an engine immobilizer feature to add another level of protection over your vehicle to preven theft. The Toyota HiAce comes with all the necessary features and then some.

Additionally, more modern features are also available for the version of the HiAce, including an engine immobilizer for better theft protection. Convenience features include power mirrors, as well as a 2-speaker radio with cassette player. The Toyota HiAce is available in 2. In addition to standard features such as halogen headlights, power steering anti-lock brakes and immobilizer, the Toyota HiAce also offers some impressive options such as fog lights, tow hitch and a sunroof.

Color options include black, blue, green grey, red, silver and white. The Toyota HiAce, much like the model year before it, offers many of the same features and specs, such as a 2. This model also comes with an engine immobilizer as an anti-theft protection feature. The average fuel economy for the Toyota HiAce is 8. If you want a breakdown of how the HiAce has changed and how it affects your needs, or how it matches up against other vehicles in its class, check out our comparison articles down below.

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Name Email Website. All rights reserved.The Hiace LWB van comes with more power, more comfort and more technology than ever before. In addition, improved safety features will help protect you and your payload. The HiAce SLWB comes loaded with features that will surprise you: overhead storage, digital radio [B3]and a leather accented steering wheel.

The HiAce SLWB Commuter will redefine your expectations of affordable travel with comfortable seating and air conditioning for every passenger. Contact a Dealer HiAce. HiAce Range.

hiace regius specs

LWB Van. It works as hard as you The Hiace LWB van comes with more power, more comfort and more technology than ever before. Loadspace Volume L [H8].

Toyota Regius An Excellent Choice for Large Family

Payload kg [H8]. Show 5 more key features. Show 5 fewer key features. Automatic Diesel only. Prices based on. We were unable to get a driveaway price this time. Please contact your preferred dealer for more information. Enter your location to view pricing Prices vary by state. LWB Crew Van.

No one left behind - or late The HiAce LWB Crew Van is designed to carry your team and their gear, with parking sensors [S1] and a digital rear view mirror to make life easy. No option packs available Please contact your local dealer for customisation options. SLWB Van. Need to fit more?

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No dramas The HiAce SLWB comes loaded with features that will surprise you: overhead storage, digital radio [B3]and a leather accented steering wheel. SLWB Commuter. The popular people mover The HiAce SLWB Commuter will redefine your expectations of affordable travel with comfortable seating and air conditioning for every passenger. Loadspace Volume Not Available. Commuter GL. Unable to determine your location. Please enter it above.The 3RZ-FE is a 2.

It was a replacement for the well-known 22R-E and used mostly in commercial trucks and four-wheel drive vehicles such as Toyota Tacoma, T, Land Cruiser Prado, 4Runner. After 10 years in production, the engine gave way to a new 2. The 3RZ engine has a deep-skirt cast iron cylinder block.

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Bore and stroke sizes are both The engine uses a forged crankshaft - fully balanced, with eight counterweights and a torsional damper pulley. Connecting rods are shot-peened and forged from carbon steel. The 3RZ also got aluminum pistons with resin-coated skirts. Inside the cylinder block, there are oil jets installed to spray oil on the bottom of the pistons for additional cooling.

Engine crankcase is equipped with two gear-driven balance shafts. On top of the engine block, there is an aluminum cylinder head with two overhead camshafts DOHC layout. It has four valves per cylinder - two intake and two exhaust valves with 19 degrees included valve angle between them.

The intake valve diameter is Valve adjustment is provided by a shim over bucket arrangement preferably every k miles. The 3RZ FE engine has a timing chain, which drives the intake camshaft only. The intake camshaft rotates the exhaust camshaft by a scissors gear.

1998 Toyota Hiace Regius specs

Camshaft specifications: intake duration - degrees; exhaust duration - degrees. The engine has a hydraulic timing chain tensioner and oil jet to lubricate the chain. The intake manifold is made from aluminum alloy. It has by two intake runners for each cylinder, specially designed to increase torque.

The engine got an electronically controlled, multiport fuel injection system and Toyota's Electronic Spark Advance ESA ignition which was able to determine ignition timing by the ECM based on inputs from sensors. The early engines had a simple distributor and one ignition coil instead of a coil pack.

The engine is equipped with a minimum of electronics, strong and reliable parts made from traditional materials such as cast iron, steel, and aluminum. Timing chain lifespan is close tomiles, but it would be useful to check the condition of the chain at k mileage to avoid unnecessary problems in the future. Also, do not underestimate the valve adjustment, otherwise it may affect the operation of the engine. The main disadvantage of this engine is its quite low power and high fuel consumption.

With proper maintenance, the average engine life of the 3RZ-FE engine is more thanmileskm.

TOYOTA HIACE REGIUS Specification - features, specs and pics

Toyota 3RZ-FE 2. Engine Specs Manufacturer. Production years. Cylinder block material. Cylinder head material.The 1KZ-TE engine has a cast-iron block with Compression ratio rating is The engine is equipped with the EGR system.

Redline is rpm. The cylinder block has a monoblock high-strength cast-iron structure with the five-bearing-support system. The cylinder bores were plateau honed for more efficient piston ring sealing. The 1KZ-TE engine is equipped with a fully balanced steel crankshaft that has five main journals and operated on aluminum alloy bearings. The connecting rods are made from lightweight carbon steel and each rod has an internal oil passage which supplied an oil gallery in the piston.

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The pistons are made from aluminum alloy and an FRM fiber reinforced metal top ring groove to improve wear resistance. Each piston is fitted with two compression and one oil control rings.

The cylinder bore is The 1KZ-TE has an aluminum alloy cylinder head with a cross-flow configuration which is mounted on a steel laminate type head gasket and had plastic region tightening bolts. The engine has single overhead SOHC high-quality steel camshaft and two valves per cylinder: one intake and one exhaust 8 valves in total.

The camshaft is driven by a timing belt and gears. Intake valves are The Toyota 1KZ-TE engine does not have hydraulic lifters, so special shims are used to adjust the valve clearance. Shims are available in 17 sizes from 2.

Dear visitors, this site is not a trading platform, an official dealer or a spare parts supplier, so we do not have any price lists or spare parts catalogs.

We are an information portal and provide the technical specifications of gasoline and diesel engines. We try to use verified sources and official documentation, however, differences between sources or errors in entering information may occur.

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We do not provide advice on technical issues related to the engines operation or repair. We do not recommend using provided information for engines repairing engines or spare parts ordering, use only official service manuals and spare-parts catalogs.

Hi, I have a 4runner 1KZ-T and want to calibrate injector myself but I did not found where to buy a kit of adjusting shims. Do you know where?. Best Regards, M. Will it work? I would like to hear from the experts.

The 3l is a powerfuller engine with a 12mm injector pump and new injectors and a decent turbo if u need help with all this jump onto my page on Facebook page Pelli turbos.In the late s, Toyota Auto Bodya Toyota subcontracting company, led the development of the HiAce as a small van with a one-box design, similar to European ones at the time, but, according to former Toyota senior employee Akira Kawahara, something unseen in the Japanese industry. Introduced inthe HiAce was offered as a cab over pick-up, delivery van, and a stretched commuter vehicle.

Toyota Hiace Regius полный разгром часть первая

It was also called the HiAce Commercial in camper van configuration. It was brought to market two years after the introduction of the Nissan Homyacquired by Nissan when they assumed operations of the Prince Motor Company.

The HiAce was available with a heater, considered a luxury item at the time. The HiAce was primarily designed as a commuter vehicle, able to transport up to 8 people. With this goal in consideration, the HiAce exterior dimensions and engine displacement were in compliance with Japanese government regulations so as to encourage sales, and accommodate the most passengers by utilizing a cabover body style, with the engine installed underneath and between the front passengers.

It was a smaller alternative to the larger Toyota Coaster minibusand was introduced to Japan after the Volkswagen Transporterand the Chevrolet Greenbrier cabover vans. It was introduced in the same year as the much smaller Toyota MiniAcewhich was based on the Toyota Publicaa predecessor to the Toyota Corolla.

This type of HiAce is a rare model these days mostly because of weather wear and rust. HiAce vans originally sold on the European market have largely been exported to Africa and to Southeast Asia where they are used as public transport vehicles.

The new HiAce of featured a longer, and more streamlined cab with single headlights.

hiace regius specs

As the second generations dimensions grew, it was joined by a smaller, junior-level cabover van called the Toyota LiteAce to continue to offer dimensions closer to the first generation. In addition to the petrol enginesa 2. New for the "20—40 series" HiAce was a double-cab pick-up, super-long-wheelbase van, and a super long, high-roof Commuter. The Commuter models can seat up to 15 passengers. For the vans, 20 series vans have short wheelbases, 30 series have long, and 40 series have super long wheelbases.

After the third generation was introduced incertain variants of the second generation continued to be manufactured for several years. A majority of the second generation models were exported from Europe and Japan to African and Asian countries after production ended and are used as public transport vehicles.

The truck's cab design was common to the bigger ToyoAce light truck, though it had different frontal styling. The truck was a completely different model than the van. The van's model number contains various wheelbase specification information: 50 series vans have short wheelbases, 60 series have long, and 70 series have super long.

The pickup trucks are in the 80 and series. While the van and Commuter were redesigned inthe pickup truck was produced until the model year, and was the last HiAce based pickup truck. Air-conditioning was offered as standard equipment on some variants from this generation onwards.

The fourth generation model appeared in August and was available in standard wheelbase and long wheelbase variants; a Grand Cabin ; standard wheelbase and long wheelbase van; long wheelbase and super long wheelbase high roof van.SBT use cookies to give you the best possible experience and serve the most relevant ads.

By using this site, you accept the use of cookies. Agree and continue browsing. Japan Time: Tokyo Time. Welcome guest. View Details. Toyota Regius in its configuration is very close to the car Toyota Granvia.

These two cars are different width of the body. Toyota Regius car though is somewhat narrower model Toyota Granvia, but this did not prevent it hold passengers, which was typical of the vehicles belonging to the class of minivans. As the main driving force for cars Toyota Regius can serve one of two four inline power units with a displacement of 2. The petrol engine of 2. With this engine the car average fuel consumption in the urban cycle is The fuel tank has a volume of 65 liters.

The car Toyota Regius with sliding door, it producers have established a special system that makes it easy to open and close. Staffing this model was equipped with ventilated disc brakes on all wheels, inch tires. Four eight-minivan Toyota Regius received the following dimensions: height - mm, length - mm, width - mm, the length of its wheelbase is mm ground clearance - mm. The distance between the rear wheels of the machine - mm, and between the fronts - mm.

Its curb weight is kg. Minimum turning circle - Inas a result of the modernization of Toyota Regius car gone through, not only the exterior of the car, but the turbo diesel power unit, which producers have also been modernized. The main advantage of this model is that you can call it a big roomy interior and plenty of ways to organize the interior space - transformation.

The second and third row can be removed completely if needed, whereby the first row of seats can be easily rotated, all contribute to the choice of the best suitable in a specific case, the order of arrangement of seats.

Another advantage is that the interior of the car is pretty spaciousness passes, high cabin and very comfortable accommodation lever gearbox. The sliding door was equipped with power assist mechanism and easy closer, making its movement smoother and softer. Engineers have done everything to salon could acquire different capacity. Chairs in the first row can be rotated, and the chair in the second and third rows can be removed easily.

Interior height is large enough, and between the seats also have a free space. Toyota Regius - minivan with three rows of seats for eight people produced since in the form of six modifications.

Body Toyota Regius created from durable material that provides a high level of security. Externally, the model looks quite decent and modern. Over the years the production was released a few modifications Toyota Regius, which in turn had a different body. The car is an excellent choice for travelers and those who often go on nature or for a city with a large company.

Cookies on sbtjapan. Desktop Icon PC Site. Menu Icon Menu. Welcome guest Login Sign up. Why Choose SBT? Engine and Fuel Consumption As the main driving force for cars Toyota Regius can serve one of two four inline power units with a displacement of 2.

Specifications of Toyota Regius The car Toyota Regius with sliding door, it producers have established a special system that makes it easy to open and close.Hi, this is Tamotsu Todoroki.

I am a car advisor of PicknBuy I write an online column every week to take care of your vehicle. My column is all about something useful and practical for your vehicle. Please have a look once to keep your car in good condition. HiAce is one of Toyota's most popular and enduring models.

Ever since its initial release in the s in Japan, HiAce has proved to be worthy of its name, which means 'high-performance hard worker'. Over the years, the HiAce has been available in different body styles, including passenger and cargo vansbefore eventually becoming the streamlined van it is today, equally reliable in the transportation of cargo as well as in that of goods.

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The HiAce Thanks to its reliable engine and transmission, the HiAce drives well in any location, proving to be a dependable van in many different parts of the world, from the bustling streets of Tokyo to the dust roads in Africa. The HiAce is neither the most powerful, nor the best-looking van on the market, but what sets it apart from other competitors is its awesome reliability and famously low repair costs.

It has the essential qualities that a van owner looks for in a car: reliability, low-cost maintenance, and convenience. The HiAce is the kind of van you can drive for hundreds of thousands of kilometers without requiring major engine or transmission work. Also, The Toyota HiAce has always been a relatively affordable van considering its outstanding reliability and solid construction.

To be more exact, the first generation Regius Ace was based on the mid-fourth Toyota HiAce van, being identical to it except for a few small differences in features such as roofting the HiAce offered a high-roof option while the RegiusAce only a standard roof. The second-generation RegiusAce was based on the fifth-generation Toyota HiAce van, and from then on the new RegiusAces have been offering the same comfort and convenience as the high-end HiAce vans.

Now let's look at the specs of the RegiusAce and HiAce vans.

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There are different generations on the market of course, so for the sake of our comparison we will choose the commercial versions, more specifically, the HiAce 2.

Specs Comparison Both models have a 5-speed manual transmission. The length and width is exactly the same, but the RegiusAce is taller thanks to its high roof, measuring mm compared to HiAce's mm. The RegiusAce also has a larger mass, kg, compared to HiAce's kg. The HiAce and RegiusAce share the same engine, a four-cylinder with a maximum of horse power, RPMand an engine volume of cc.

Bottom Line In conclusion, the RegiusAce is very similar to the HiAce, and can be considered a high-end version of the latter, providing of course that the models you are comparing are from the same generation. The HiAce is more widely available of course, but RegiusAce is quite popular as well and, if you find one at a good price, there's no reason why you should not buy it.

In fact, the RegiusAce may have some extra options as well as a convenient high-top roof. Before making your choice, don't forget to consider the mileage and the overall condition of the car. Login Sign up. Request Mobile Site Search by Maker.





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