Diedrich coffee roaster

Great Diedrich IR12 roaster I have to retire. No fires-no breakdowns-no problems. Well built machine. First one with cash. Oh, also about 20ft of insulated exhaust ducting!

Very expensive stuff-Selkirk. For sale is a stunning like new Diedrich IR coffee roaster. Built to order init's been only gently used since then only 25 hours of use on the hour meter. We used it for our small coffee roasting company for roughly one year after purchasing it new from US Roaster Corp.

This machine has been routinely greased, cleaned and properly maintained. It has the ability to roast manually through the touchscreen or automatically through pre-configured and custom roast prof. This is one of the first Ambex coffee roaster s ever made! Serial number 28! We purchased this Ambex YM to use as a production roaster for a toll roasting operation.

We replaced all the belts and completely cleaned the roasterincluding all fans and airflow. We also cleaned the burner jets and greased all bearings.

We used the roaster for 2 months until the client started their own roasting fac.

diedrich coffee roaster

Diedrich coffee roaster in great condition. Never had a fire-breakdown-dent-or one hiccup with this machine.Forum Rules. Coffee Facts. Results 1 to 7 of 7. Like New HR The dimensions of the Diedrich Home Roaster take into consideration the low height and space requirements needed to fit under the average U.

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We designed the Diedrich HR-1 one pound. Attached Thumbnails. Last edited by coffeejoes; at PM. Reason: sold. Hello "coffeejoes" Please post a message here when you sell your roaster. That way people won't keep asking about it. Thanks for posting the photos.

It help to be able to see what you're selling. Roaster is located in the Minneapolis area. I have the original wood crate for easy shipping. I hope you get it sold soon Roaster is sold.

Hi "coffeejoes" Thanks for letting us know that the roaster is sold. Sponsored Links. Replies: 8 Last Post:PM. Replies: 9 Last Post:PM. Replies: 5 Last Post:PM. Replies: 2 Last Post:PM. Replies: 0 Last Post:PM. Mobile Style. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved. Most importantly this sacrifices the performance and flexibility needed for roasting with the unique style required for fine Arabica coffees.

An efficient coffee roaster provides the RoastMaster with the ability to adjust the time of roast, degree of roast, allow change in heat mediums convective, conductive, and radiant heatand the ability to speed up or slow down temperature ramp rates. Other roasters on the market do not provide the ability for all three.Our coffee roaster, training facility, and business office is located on the south side of Fayetteville just off School Avenue.

All our coffees are small batch roasted with our Diedrich gas heated roaster. Good coffee is often compared to fine wine and said to have characteristics of brightness, good body, balanced acidity, fruity or floral notes, and more. How a coffee is roasted determines whether or not you will be able to taste those nuanced characteristics in your cup of morning coffee.

Most of our coffees are a medium roast. This can bring out the delicate flavors of highly prized coffee beans without sending them up in smoke. Some coffee varieties hold flavors that are augmented and complimented by the intense carbonization of a darker roast. Often, after careful cupping, we will choose a lighter roast to best showcase the brighter notes of a particular bean. We certainly enjoy the process of discovering the best way to roast each variety of coffee and hope you will have many opportunities to taste the difference.Diedrich Coffee is a coffee company based in Irvine, CA.

Its first coffee house in Orange County, Californiawas opened in It owns the American mall-based stores for Gloria Jean's Coffees.

In Oregonit previously ran Coffee People until nearly every location was bought and closed or converted into a Starbucks Diedrich retained ownership of the Coffee People locations inside the Portland International Airport.

The history of the company started with Charlotte Diedrich inheriting a coffee plantation in Costa Rica in Her son, Carl Diedrich joined the business in and purchased a coffee plantation in Antigua, Guatemalain The first coffeehouse, a roastery, opened in Newport Beach in Diedrich Coffee, a neighborhood coffeehouse, was founded by Martin Diedrich in He took over the retail, roasting and importing facets of the family business from retiring Carl.

In SeptemberDiedrich Coffee went public. In SeptemberDiedrich Coffee announced its plans to close its company-owned retail stores, 40 of which were sold to rival Starbucks and reopened under that brand. Franchisee-owned stores remained unchanged. The company continued as a roaster and wholesaler of coffee beans. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Diedrich Coffee, Inc. Retrieved Retrieved October 10, The Orange County Register.

Archived from the original on December 13, Keurig Dr Pepper brands. Hidden categories: Pages using deprecated image syntax. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Bahasa Indonesia Edit links.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Every Diedrich Roaster is custom built and rigorously tested to meet the highest quality standards in every machine.

You can depend on Diedrich to be there for you from green to ground to maximize your investment. Roast with confidence.

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Our process design capabilities and expertise support you in a seamless start-to-finish coffee processing system. Control every aspect of your profile to fully develop the flavor of every bean.

Diedrich brings you durability, dependability, and repeatable results. Craft the perfect roast with every batch. Specialty-grade quality and efficient roaster design offers the ability to precisely fine-tune unique roast profiles your customers will love. Diedrich Roasters bring versatility and precision for perfectly repeatable results for cacao and other natural products.

Every handcrafted roaster is designed and engineered to deliver quality and consistency to achieve superb results. Your roaster is built to fulfill your specific roasting requirements and specifications and to fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Facebook Instagram. Shop the Best. Register for the Expo. Handcrafted in the USA Every Diedrich Roaster is custom built and rigorously tested to meet the highest quality standards in every machine. Shop Roasters. Exceptional Customer Support You can depend on Diedrich to be there for you from green to ground to maximize your investment. Connect with Us.

Diedrich CR-70 (70KG) Coffee Roaster

Expanded Process Systems Solution Roast with confidence. Learn More. Reliable and Repeatable Results Helping roast masters craft the best tasting coffee worldwide. Shop for Roasters. Commercial Roasters Control every aspect of your profile to fully develop the flavor of every bean. The Diedrich Family When you buy a Diedrich you get more than a roaster.

You become part of a global family of roasters who are passionate about crafting the best tasting coffee. Artur Yuzvik Reviewed Diedrich Roasters. Handmade, heavy duty and at the same time very unique and specialty. One who ever tried Diedrich will never betray them. The best! Lucas Bauer May 20, Sandi Luck September 28, Lisa Halcom July 17, Forum Rules.

Coffee Facts. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of I'm outfitting a new coffeeshop without breaking the bank and am looking for a good roaster. I've talked with the Ambex folks. If you were opening a new shop and had to live with your choice for a few years while learning, what manufacturer and model would you choose? Which ones handle small batches for experimentation best?

diedrich coffee roaster

I'm ripping this from a forum on another site becasue it seems like good info: There is a whole range of avenues you could take. You will find most companies that make roasters spend lots of time money and research on larger copacity roasters, i. This is obviously because this is where the money is for them. This is unfortunate because I believe the only way to achieve the highest level of quality in the cup possible every day in an espresso bar is to have an in house roaster.

This option could prove profitable for someone with extensive roasting knowledge and new how to tweek it to get the most out of it. Then theres cheap Turkish roasters such as Toper, benefits:- Cheap. Shortfalls:- Flame directly on drum, and drum not perferated which causes too much conductive heat which results in extensive scorching and tipping; Vey low effeciency which results in roaster not being able to effectively roast its designated capasity i.

Again with a lot of skill and knowledge a good roaster can achieve a half decent result with a toper. Probat Old faithful you might call her, any one who knows anything about roasting will know this name, mostly because theyve been around for at least 40 years.

Popular in Italy where they are still doing things a bit old school, not so popular in Aus, NZ and Scandanavia where thers a bit more creativity and invetivenes going on. I don't know a lot about there technical aspects but I do have friend who visited there factory overseas and he wasn't impressed by them. Brombati not sure if this spelling is right Seem pretty popular in Aus The salesman for them is a guy named Danny, I forgot his last name.

But i am pretty sure he has fairly extensive knowledge and is quite helpfull. Petrichini not sure if this spelling is right Joper Flame on drum in smaller models, flame incased in a large kiln type box well below drum in larger models. Great heat effeciency. Dean Morgan from Morgans Handcrafted Coffee brings these in and is great at teaching.

Renagade American roasters made by Joper very forward moving and inventive. Deitrich American roaster, and another very popular name amongst roasters, also very expensive. Has infra red discs below drum, no flame. This is to achieve more convective heat and heat effeciency.

Just remember some cheaper roasters look attractive because they are cheap, but their heat effeciency isn't great so in the long run you spend more money on gas than you would on say a Detriech, Probat or Joper.Failure to abide by these clearances will void Diedrich's warranty.

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The minimum clearances from the Afterburner to non-combustible materials are inches and to combustible materials are inches. Nothing is to be stored within inches of the Afterburner or its ducting.

Coffee roaster in buy and sell

The supply line to the Afterburner should have 7-inches of water column pressure for natural gas and inches of water column pressure for LP. Use compressed air for cleaning. Any particles of foreign matter will clog the burner orifice when the pressure is applied.

Line pressure should be checked with a manometer.

Experience the Diedrich Difference

Incoming line pressure to the afterburner should be 7-inches of water column pressure for natural gas and inches of water column pressure for LP. The Afterburner must be isolated from the gas supply line by closing its safety shut-off valve during any pressure testing of the gas supply line.

The Afterburner must be installed in accordance with local codes or in the absence, the latest edition of the National Electrical Code. If the roaster is operated without the Afterburner running, it will leave a heavy residue build-up in the Afterburner and the exhaust system. This creates a severe fire hazard when the Afterburner is subsequently fired. This will void the manufacturer's warranty and release Diedrich Mfg.

NOTE: While roasting you must keep in mind that the alarm setting has been changed, so it is essential that the operator be present with the machine at all times. Located on the bottom left hand side of the roaster is an electrical box. Remove the cover. The wires originating from the Afterburner will need to be run to this box utilizing the afterburner cord and receptacle.

Install the 5 pin receptacle to the electrical box, then connects its wires with the wires from the roaster, i. Connect afterburner cord to the 5 pin receptacle. Reconnect the main power supply to the roaster.

After making these wire connections the alarm will need to be reconfigured to activate the Afterburner. This is accomplished by turning on the drum and blower switches thus illuminating the Omron controller. Insert a small screwdriver into the recess of the cover and gently pry off the cover.

Under the cover on the right side of the display are two 2 White buttons. Press the lower button, which will lower your alarm trigger point.

diedrich coffee roaster

Replace the cover. Turn the roaster drum and blower switches off thus re-setting the temperature set point.

Diedrich IR-5 Coffee Roaster black

This applies to other coffee roaster manufacturers as well. Coffee does not emit smoke until the coffee reaches a temperature above degrees Fahrenheit Diedrich Afterburners are designed to turn on at a pre-set temperature from the roaster of degrees Fahrenheit This is ample time for the roast to be completed and the majority of the cooling of the beans to be done.

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Note: Coffee still emits smoke while it is cooling in the cooling bin. At this time the Afterburner will turn off.